Fefol + VIT B12

Folate + Vit B12

importance of the B vitamins folate and vitamin B12 for healthy neurological
development and function is unquestioned. Folate and vitamin B12 are required
for biological methylation and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 also participates in
the mitochondrial catabolism of odd-chain fatty acids and some amino acids .
Inborn errors of their metabolism and severe nutritional deficiencies cause
serious neurological and hematological pathology. Poor folate and vitamin B12
status short of clinical deficiency is associated with increased risk of
cognitive impairment , depression , Alzheimer’s disease and stroke among older
adults and increased risk of neural tube defects among children born to mothers
with low folate status . Folate supplementation and food fortification are known
to reduce incident neural tube defects, and B vitamin supplementation may have
cognitive benefit in older adults. Less is known about folate and vitamin B12
requirements for optimal brain development and long-term cognitive health in
newborns, children and adolescents. While increasing suboptimal nutritional
status has observed benefits, the long-term effects of high folate intake are
uncertain. Several observations of unfavorable health indicators in children
and adults exposed to high folic acid intake make it imperative to achieve a
more precise definition of folate and B12 requirements for brain development
and function .

  ” Supplement Facts Fefol + Vit B12 ” 

” Nutritional
Information Amount per capsule “

Folate  (Calcium L Methylfolate)                                                  
                     400 mcg

Vitamin B12                                                                                                            50


Folate :

contributes to normal blood formation and the process of cell division, as well
as maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, including placenta growth. The
placenta supplies your unborn baby with essential nutrients the baby needs .

B12 :

Vitamin B12
is involved in red blood cell formation. When vitamin B12 levels are too low,
the production of red blood cells is altered, causing megaloblastic anemia .

Other Ingredients : Hypromellose,
magnesium stearate, silica, and microcrystalline cellulose

Indications : Helps to prevent from anemia caused
by neural tube defects and recurrent miscarriages during pregnancy. Helps
regenerate cartilage and reduce pain in osteoarthritis, helps improve asthma,
air and chronic cough .

Administration : Take one capsule daily or, as
directed by your physician or pharmacist (must not be chewed) .

Cautions : During pregnancy and lactation,
please consult to your doctor .

Warning : Keep out of the reach and sight of
children .

Do not
increase the recommended dose without consulting your physician or pharmacist .

If you have
an allergy to any of the components of this product, do not use it and consult
with your doctor .

Interaction : If you are taking any form of
medication or under medical care, please consult to your physician .

Contraindications : Children under 6 year’s old and
elderly people, people with megaloblastic anemia .

Storage :
store in a cool and dry place, under the 25 C and in the original package .