Fefol Max

Iron is one of the minerals in the human body. If you do not have enough iron, your body cannot make hemoglobin, and you may develop anemia. One way of treating anemia is with oral iron supplements, including pills, capsules, drops, and extended-release tablets. The purpose of oral iron supplementation is to treat your symptoms by increasing the levels of iron and hemoglobin in your body.

Anyone can develop iron-deficiency anemia, although the following groups have a higher risk :

Women: Blood loss during monthly periods and childbirth can lead to anemia .

People over 65, who are more likely to have iron-poor diets .

People who are on blood thinners such as aspirin, Plavix®, Coumadin®, or heparin.

People who have kidney failure (especially if they are on dialysis), because they have trouble making red blood cells.

People who have trouble absorbing iron.

Iron-deficiency anemia is treated by eating foods that are high in iron, or with oral iron supplements .

In addition to eating foods that are rich in iron, you may have to take oral iron supplements. There are many different types of oral iron supplements, including pills, capsules .

Iron supplements can help reverse low iron levels or treat iron deficiency anemia. They can produce results quicker than diet interventions and are often considered the treatment method of choice .

These supplements can be particularly helpful among people who are prone to low iron levels, especially if they’re unable to maintain a good iron status through diet alone, including

Pregnant people

Infants and young children

People experiencing heavy periods

Frequent blood donors

People with cancer

People with gastrointestinal disorders, such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease

Those who have undergone gastric surgery

People with heart failure

Those taking iron-depleting medications, such as those used to reduce stomach acid

People regularly partaking in heavy exercise

Those following a vegetarian or vegan diet

People with blood disorders, such as thalassemia or sickle cell anemia

People with alcoholism

” Nutritional Information Amount per capsule “

Polysacarid Iron complex        100 mg


During pregnancy, women’s iron needs go up to support increased blood volume and red blood cell formation, and healthy growth of baby Low levels have been associated with increased risk of low birth weight. Preterm de delivery and other adverse outcomes.

Indications :

Help to treat anemia caused by iron and folic acid deficiency.

Administration: Take one capsule daily or, as directed by your physician or pharmacist (must not be chewed).

Cautions: During pregnancy and lactation, please consult to your doctor.

Warning : Fefol contains iron . Keep out of the reach and sight of children, as overdose may be fetal. Do not increase the recommended dose without consulting your physician or pharmacist. If you have an allergy to any of the components of this product, do not use it and consult with your doctor.

Interaction : If you are taking any form of medication or under medical care, please consult to your physician.

Contraindications : Children under 6 year’s old and elderly people, people with megaloblastic anemia. Storage: store in a cool and dry place, under the 25 C and in the original package.