Fefol Duodenal

Anemia can have many causes, most of which are due to iron deficiency in the body. The blood carries oxygen to all cells in the body through a protein called hemoglobin. All muscles and organs in the body need oxygen to function. Hemoglobin must be made in the body and its deficiency impairs the supply of oxygen to the cells. The task is to make hemoglobin with the element iron. Therefore, iron deficiency causes anemia and specialized anemia supplements are used to treat it .

Iron deficiency anemia is a serious problem that most people in society, face and a solution must be found. Anemia causes lethargy and boredom in people and reduces daily energy. fefol Duodenal capsule is one of the suitable supplements for the treatment of anemia and has a suitable iron for the body and has the least gastrointestinal side effects .

   ” Supplement Facts Fefol Duodenal ” 

” Nutritional Information Amount per capsule ” 

Iron – Bisglysinate Ferrochel                                                            80 mg

Vit B6                                                                                                    2 mg

Vit B12                                                                                                  30 mcg

Vit C                                                                                                      120 mg


During pregnancy, women’s iron needs go up to support increased blood volume and red blood cell formation, and healthy growth of baby Low levels have been associated with increased risk of low birth weight. Preterm de delivery and other adverse outcomes .

B6 , B12 :

Vitamins B6 play a role in cellular energy production. Vitamin B12 helps support normal blood production .

Vitamin C :

Supports normal function of the Immune system .

Indications : Help to treat anemia caused by iron and vitamin B6 & vitamin B12 deficiency .

Administration : Take one capsule daily or, as directed by your physician or pharmacist (must not be chewed) .

Cautions : During pregnancy and lactation, please consult to your doctor .

Warning : Fefol contains iron. Keep out of the reach and sight of children, as overdose may be fetal .

Do not increase the recommended dose without consulting your physician or pharmacist .

If you have an allergy to any of the components of this product, do not use it and consult with your doctor .

Interaction: If you are taking any form of medication or under medical care, please consult to your physician .

Contraindications : Children under 6 year’s old and elderly people, people with megaloblastic anemia .

Storage : store in a cool and dry place, under the 25 C and in the original package .